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Ridin' That Train........

Heading east on the Capitol Limited (Old B&O)  to DC, up the NE Corridor to NYC on the 21st century version of the PRR Clockers. Lake Shore Limited (Old NYC)  back to Chicago. Finally the Empire Builder back home. See you in a few days. 


Did you mean THIS Red and Orange John?

How about an SP Double Header in the mountains?


It finally feels, and looks like fall here. Things stayed green as weather turned grey and soggy. Until the last few days it seemed like fall would go from green to muddy brown, to bare winter bleak. There might be the occasional leafy performer, but nothing stunning.  The last couple of days have happily differed. A short walk brought a lovely bouquet of Nature's fireworks. Bright Crimsons, and Lucious Orange. some even a subtle Rose Coral. A grey day. Enlivened with the beauty of fall colors. I found myself  wriggling like a happy puppy as I looked from tree to tree. Fall truly is my time. Time for me to use that Energy i gain from this time. Time to build the internal hearth to plan and push thru the winter til the blossoming time comes on the Great Wheel
 When doing these short walks I often go down Mlwaukee Avenue. That pedestrian Historic District is a true gem of urban living.It is a major reason for living in the area.I love walking there, often talking to both residents, and others enjoying the beauty  and feel of the the District. Milwaukee Avenue is an overlooked jewel. For those who don't know about the delight that sits in our midst, I include the following link. Alternately you can just give me a call and we'll take a walk over together as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milwaukee_Avenue_Historic_District
I recently found my favorite house there, is up for sale. I wish.
Y'all might like to look tho.   http://msp.themlsonline.com/search/3845089.html
Totally unconnected thought..Anyone want to try out a Grateful Dead Board game?

I've been doing far to little. Drifting far to much in recent times. I am going to turn this back into the journal it was originally supposed to be.
So if you've stayed in your seats, and the strange recesses of what I call a mind haven't led you away, you'll be subjected to my thoughts, babblings,silliness, politics, hobbies, fancies, theories, ...

oh and did I say  TRAINS!

Yes I did...Trains!

An Era ends.........


Effective 11:01 AM CST

to quote one Republican about another some years  back........
'Nuff said!


Number 6 has escaped the Village....

Patrick McGoohan passes at age 80,  and so it goes.....A major talent is gone

A great night!

We had a wonderful turn out at Merlin's Rest last evening for our TC Pagan Pride benefit featuring Reve du Faun.
Thank you to all who braved the cold, and made it a success. Thank you to the magnificent talents of Reve du Faun for a night of great music and fun. Thanks to Merlin's Rest for hosting and doing more then their share promoting the show.  Thanks to all the TC Pagan Pride staff who worked hard to make it happen. We did great and the proceeds will help make TC Pagan Pride's 12th year better and stronger! It's a great way to celebrate our new 501(c)3 status!  We'll be doing more fun events soon, so keep an eye out for more info. Next TC Pagan Pride is October 3 & 4 2009. Mark your calendar now!