A delightful 90 minutes

A delicious bit of television. The 21at Century updating of the Holmes tales is done with style, wit and depth. Along with obvious love and respect for the original stories. I have not enjoyed watching TV as much in quite a great while. Top notch acting by both principals and and supporting cast. Great fun all the way around. Two more episodes to go on PBS Masterpiece Mystery. Worth seeing!
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Just because I haven't done it in a while

Coming off Hellsgate bridge from a recent NYC trip

Nickel plate steam at speed

Finally a UP Gas Turbine, and the Big Boy Steam locomotive.and A New York Central Streamlined Hudson

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Train Time Machine

 Trains in Chicago. 

In B&W during the 1970's.  The CTA Evanston Express running south into Chicago on most of the same trackage used by the Interurban North Shore Line.  As you go thru Evanston, look off to the right at the C&NW bi-level pacing the train. Take a ride !